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Christ Pantocrator, Ruler of the UniverseIcon # 1904

Christ Pantocrator, Ruler of the Universe
Origin: Russia
Period: 19th Century, dated 1857
Size: 26,5 x 22,3 cm
Oklad: Silver (HC Russian) IS
Silver mark: St..George, Moscow Silver Shop


SynaxisIcon # 2069

Synaxis of the Archangel Michael with Archangels Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, with Cherubims and Serafims
Origin: Russia
Period: around 1800, End of 18th C.
Size: 35,2 x 31,1 cm


Deportation from the CrossIcon # 2106

Deposition and Entombment with Mother of God, John, Josepf of Arimathäa and other Saints
Origin: Russia, Palecher School
Period: around 1700, Beg. 18th Century
Size: 33,8 x 28 cm


St. Nicholas the Miracle WorkerIcon # 998

St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker
Origin: Russia, Moscow School
Period: around 1700
Size: 31,2 x 27,7 cm
Oklad: Silver, fire gilded, dated 1790


Gottesmutter von VladimirIcon # 414

Mother of God Vladimir
Origin: Russia, School of Moscow
Period: 16th Century
Size: 31,5 x 27 cm


Sophia die Göttliche WeisheitIcon # 452

Sophia the Godly Widsom
Origin: Russia, School of Jaroslaw
Period: End of 17th/Beg.18th Century
Size: 31 x 27 cm


PfingstfestikoneIcon # 1763

Origin: Russia, Novgorod,
Period: 17th Century
Size: 35,7 x 30,7 cm


Sophia die Göttliche WeisheitIcon # 402

Sophia the Godly Wisdom
Origint: Russia, Novgorod,
Period: around 1500, End of 15th C.
Size: 31,4 x 24,5 cm


Hl. Charalampos mit VitaIcon # 1726

Saint Charalampos with Vita
Origin: Greece, School of the Islands
Period: Beg. of 18th Century
Size: 39,7 x 28,6 cm


Nikopeia, die thronende GottesmutterIcon # 1325

Mother of God Nikopeia
Origin: Greece, Macedonia
Period: around 1700, Beg. of 18th C.
Size: 27,5 x 20,8 cm


Gottesmutter Phowera ProstasiaIcon # 1818

Mother of God Phowera Prostasia

Origin: Greece
Period: End of 18th Century
Size: 48,7 x 31,8 cm


Gottsemutter Panagia HodigetriaIcon # 218

Mother of God Panagia Hodigetria
Origin: Greece, Patmos
Period: End of 16th Century
Size: 32,9 x 26,1 cm


Hl. Johannes der VorläferIcon # 1405

Saint John the Forerunner

Origin: Greece, Patmos
Period: around 1500
Size: 48,5 x 23,5 cm


Gottesmutter Eleusa, ErbarmerinIcon # 18

Mother of God Eleusa
Origin: Greece, Macedonia
Period: End of 16th Century
Size: 37,2 x 31 cm

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