Benedicta Oehry Harlacher

 Gallery manager and director

Stefan Harlacher

Restaurator of paintings and icons

Isa Oehry

Representative in the USA


..the director of the Icon Gallery Sophia in Zurich, Switzerland, has been interested in antiques since her childhood. She studied art and antiquities and concentrated on modern paintings when she found that she needed something more than just decoration. She needed something that had depth to it, something spiritual.

When she visited the former Soviet Union, she discovered the Russian icons and immediately recognized their importance. She feels that the choice was never really hers. Her calling was chosen for her.

"I have so much respect for their power. The forces contained in an icon are incredible. Each has its own legendary reference in the Bible. The legend continues to live in the icon.
Icons are alive. When I look at an icon, I am continually stirred by spiritual vibrations of yesterday, today, and tomorrow - a universal vibration. The icon is a creation of spiritual communion with God manifested in the form of a painting.
The monks who painted the icons were less concerned with the art of the painting than with total surrender to the service and honor of God. Thus, the images were created during mystical experiences of a meditative nature. The icons are objects of meditation - religious meditation. People buy them for this reason."

Benedicta has been the curator of many icons since over 40 years. The majority of these icons have been in Swiss collections for over one century. She has become an internationally recognized expert in interpreting and assessing icons for private collectors as well as Museums around the world.


...son of Benedicta is our expert in icon restauration.

Stefan studied art history at the Sorbonne in Paris and received an additional diploma for art restauration in Florence/Italy. He did his internship at the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa. He now has his main art restauration studio in Paris but travels frequently to his international clients to fulfill their needs for icon restaurations but also restauration of paintings, museum articles, national monuments, churches, etc.

If you have any questions regarding art restauration or would like to inquire about an estimate for a restauration, please contact Stefan at his above mentioned e-mail address.


...is Benedicta's daughter. She has been fascinated with the spiritual world since her youngest years. It was an easy step for her to enter the mystical world of icons.

During her studies of psychology she focused her attention on comparative religions as well as transpersonal psychology. She has explored many spiritual paths and has come to love the powerful role of icons.
Isa represents her mother's work in the United States. She resides in Vermont. Since there is no permanent exhibition in the US, Isa can be contacted for private showings at her above-mentioned e-mail address.


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